Plan of Action

Mission Trip

The Board of Directors and members of the non-profit plan to orchestrate a mission trip to the blood center in Lushnje, Albania. We will personally volunteer and offer our full support through the process of supplying the blood centers with funds for medical supplies.

During our time there, we will also coordinate blood-drive events in an effort to increase blood donations and to increase the blood supply in the blood bank in Lushnjë, Albania. For more information please contact us. 


Increase Blood Donations

Those who suffer from thalassemia depend on healthy individuals to donate blood. As a nonprofit organization, we strive to promote this issue in Albania and the United States. One of our main goals is provide a more accessible outlet for the Albanian public to donate blood. This effort will be accomplished through blood drives sponsored by Albanian-Aid. By funding the blood drive, we aim to increase blood donations from the Albanian community, which will help individuals with thalassemia have access to healthy blood needed for transfusions.

Provide Improved Medical Supplies and Equipment

The majority of the funds will be utilized for improving the thalassemia center in Lushnjë, Albania. The underfunded thalassemia centers do not fulfill the need of its patients, hence why it is crucial to have a multitude of sterile medical equipment. Depending on the severity of the disease, those who are affected by thalassemia need frequent blood transfusions and there have been several instances where the Thalassemia Center in Lushnjë was not able to provide support for their patients' needs.


Toiletries and Nonperishable Donations

There are 20 kids who frequently visit the thalassemia center for blood transfusions. Besides having thalassemia, this group of children are also orphans. In order to ease the financial hardships of the caretakers, we want to donate toiletries (including soap, shampoo, etc) and nonperishable food items (pasta, rice, etc) for the kids. We plan on giving the children bags full of things that meet their basic sanitation and nutritional demands, and this way hope to ease the financial burden on the caregivers.


Aside from donating toiletries and good to the 20 orphan kids, we also want to give each a cash donation in order to help them out financially. Albanians average a salary of $200 a month, hence money can present a big issue for families. Due to the low incomes, we want to help the families out financially by donating money in order to better ease their financial needs. Whether they need it for transportation to and from the thalassemia center or for paying the light bill, we hope that this donation to each family can help them seek better care for their children.