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2. Breakfast for Donations

Excited to continue with the fundraising, we decided to have another event the following Friday morning. We could not ask Dunkin' for more doughnuts because they had already been generous enough the first time. After careful consideration, we decided it would be a good idea to buy breakfast food and again sell it for donations. We weren't sure at first whether we should do the breakfast for donations or not since it required us to purchase the food, and we risked spending our own money and not raising enough. We had set up a separate bank account for Albanian-Aid, and we never touched the money in that bank account. We decided that any money needed for the fundraising events would come out of our own pockets because we needed to maximize the amount we could donate. In the end, we decided to purchase the breakfast food and take the risk.

Once again, we reserved a table in Turlington (UF) and we were ready to sell by 9 am. We had bought chocolate and vanilla croissants, blueberry croissants, and tons of bananas for breakfast. We also offered the food in a donation-based system: the students could donate any amount of money they could afford, and we'd let them choose what they wanted to eat. The UF community thought it was a great idea because students could quickly pass by, grab some food, and continue their journey to class or wherever they needed to be. To our surprise, the UF community was once again very eager to donate to our cause. Once again, we had flyers ready to distribute and the entire team was ready to answer any questions anybody had about our nonprofit organization. The Albanian-Aid team was beyond excited to see how welcoming the community was. We never expected as many people to be interested or willing to donate to our cause, so we were all flabbergasted by the compassion the community showed. We had students, professors, and UF workers come up to our table and express their gratitude for our project. Many were surprised to hear that the nonprofit was started by the 6 of us, 6 UF students. They congratulated us for our initiative and dedication.

Overall, that day was very successful as well. We raised a lot more money than we expected. As a group, we also decided not to reimburse ourselves for the money spent on the goods we bought since we wanted to put all the money raised into the Albanian-Aid bank account in order to maximize the donations. Considering the fact that we could not keep asking big-chain stores such as Krispy Kreme for donations, we decided that the "Breakfast for Donations" was an excellent way to keep fundraising money. We then decided to spend the following Friday's continuing with this event. We were up and ready by 9 am, and we usually stayed until 3-4 pm. We did the "Breakfast for Donations" a total of 6 times, and overall we raised around $800. It was a success. Students especially loved the bananas because it was a healthy alternative to the typical unhealthy breakfast food, such as doughnuts.

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