• Albanian Aid

1. First Day

For our first fundraising event, we received donated doughnuts from Dunkin'. We received 8 dozen doughnuts for free, and we decided to sell them around the University of Florida (UF) campus. The Albanian Aid team decided to spend most of that Friday selling doughnuts for donations. By 9 am, the team had set up a table in Turlington (UF) where we spent 6 hours selling doughnuts for donations. We had a very successful first day of fundraising considering the fact that many students were eager to donate unexpected amounts of money ($5, $10) for only one doughnut since they were fond of our cause. We had flyers explaining our organization and we were ready to answer any questions the students had. The UF community was very welcoming and kind at all times. We did not have high expectations, considering the fact that it was our first time beginning a project on our own, and our first time asking the community for help. However, once we started walking around Turlington, we saw that many students were eager to donate. Overall, the first day we raised $300, which was beyond our expectations. We were very excited to continue fundraising for Albanian-Aid because we had a very good purpose, and people were fond of it.

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